ASH Analytics from SQL*Plus

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I used to like (Average Active Session History) ASH Analytics available trough Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM). Then OEM was not always available, or the time to reach it was too long, or its access too cumbersome at best. Slowly for surely, I started using (and developing) stand-alone scripts to get what I needed from ASH in a timely manner.

Many Developers and even DBAs have access to an Oracle database through SQL*Plus, but not to OEM or any other GUI to check on database performance. And in many cases, access is only available through a client machine (i.e. your Mac or PC), but never to the actual database server directly.

If your site has an Oracle Diagnostics Pack License (i.e. you are authorized to access AWR and ASH data), then you can query your ASH data through SQL*Plus and generate some text-based reports. But, if you’d rather do your analysis…

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